Electroacoustic Composition

Commissioned for Melbourne Now: Now Hear This at The National Gallery of Victoria
Velocity vs Viscosity
“Insanity comes in two basic varieties: slow and fast.
The predominant quality of the slow form is viscosity.
Experience is thick. Perceptions are thickened and dulled. Time is slow, dripping slowly through the clogged filter of thickened perception. The body temperature is low. The pulse is sluggish. The immune system is half-asleep. The organism is torpid and brackish. Even the reflexes are diminished.
In contrast to viscosity’s cellular coma, velocity endows every platelet and muscle fiber with a mind of its own, a means of knowing and commenting on its own behavior. There is too much perception, and beyond the plethora of perceptions, a plethora of thoughts about the perceptions and about the fact of having perceptions.”
Susanna Kaysen - Girl, Interrupted (1993)