Choreographed by Tim Darbyshire

TAINTED TITLE interrogates the grey areas between what is thought, represented, felt, said & unsaid.

The work dissects written, spoken & musical phrases, texts & dialogues from the poetic, academic, theatrical, cinematic & mundane.

Experimenting with email re-enactment, intuitive writing, scripting, subtitle composition, foley sound, voice recording & orchestral mood mapping. 
Choreographic montage of body language & power dynamics through physical exercise routines.
TAINTED TITLE (formerly known as ENTITLE TITLE) was originally commissioned by Dancehouse as a short work for the Keir Choreographic Award. The project will be further researched in 2015 through a residenc at Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, supported by Australia Council for the Arts, followed by a creative development supported by Arts Victoria.

Performers:  Deanne Butterworth, Sophia Cowen, Tim Darbyshire, Matthew Day
Sound Designer:  Thembi Soddell
Set and Lighting Designer:  Bosco Shaw

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