CD + Book

Love Songs is a 34-minute composition in five continuous movements:

1. Object (im)Permanence
2. Erasure
3. Repetition Compulsion
4. Who is to Blame?
5. Epilogue

The work addresses the experiential impact of insidious abuse within intimate relationships through an abstract experience of sound and associated text. Its CD release is accompanied by a book of concrete poetry.
​​Excerpt from Repetition Compulsion. Film clip by Vanessa Godden. ​Password: Fellowship19
​​Excerpt from Epilogue. Film clip by Vanessa Godden.
​​ Alternatively, the full album can be heard at Self-Titled Magazine. This includes track by track commentary by Soddell addressing aspects of trauma, psychoanalytic theory (and by extension mental healthcare), abuse and the silencing of women that informed the work.

​If you would like to read the book that accompanies the CD, please click here.

Love Songs was composed by Thembi Soddell using sounds sampled from Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (voice), Jim Denley (flute), Emah Fox (voice), Cat Hope (electric bass), Martin Kay (field recordings) and Thembi Soddell (objects).