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"There’s a lot of silence on “Love Songs”. Rather than batter you with noise hammers right from the get-go, Soddell chooses very gradual fade-ins, or sudden bursts seemingly coming from nowhere... this mirrors the ways in which pressure can slowly build up in a relationship between two people, or how deeply repressed feelings can suddenly explode given the right trigger. Or perhaps these forms are intended to represent the “insidiousness” of the abuse that Soddell wishes to meditate on. Either way, the results are striking and unexpected: the silence increases the perceived aggression or pathos of the noise, while the noise attenuates the blankness of the silence, filling it with its own void." - ​​​​​​​Nathan Thomas - Fluid Radio
Love Songs is a composition in five movements:

1. Object (im)Permanence
2. Erasure
3. Repetition Compulsion
4. Who is to Blame?
5. Epilogue

Composed by Thembi Soddell using sounds sampled from Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (voice), Jim Denley (flute), Emah Fox (voice), Cat Hope (electric bass), Martin Kay (field recordings) and Thembi Soddell (objects).

Now streaming at Self-Titled Magazine, including video clips by media and performance artist Vanessa Godden and track by track commentary addressing aspects of trauma, psychoanalytic theory (and by extension mental health care), abuse and the silencing of women that informed the work. Visit the  ROOM40 Emporium  to buy the CD and book that accompanies it, which takes a concrete poetry approach (of sorts) to the above themes in connection to "loving" relationships.

A performance of Love Songs won the 2019 Green Room Award for Contemporary Sound Performance.

Video by Vanessa Godden
Video for Object (im)Permanence (excerpt) by Vanessa Godden
Video for Erasure (excerpt) by Vanessa Godden
This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the  Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body