A 14.2 channel sound installation in darkness

Held Down, Expanding is a 14.2 channel installation in development for premiere  at MONA FOMA in January 2018. It is a single person sound installation inside a custom-made prefabricated room. Inside this room is a zero gravity recliner (placed on wheels and scissor lift so it can be positioned for each individuals ear height), surrounded by speakers. The audience member is led in by an invigilator and seated within the chair, which is then adjusted for their height. The lights are then switched out so it is pitch black and the sound composition begins. This runs for approximately 15 minutes, after which time the lights return and the audience member is guided out. The custom-made speaker array has been designed to create a perceptually disorienting sound field. The work is influenced by research into the experiential impact of covert and insidious forms of control, manipulation and psychological abuse in its relationship to mental illness and emotional distress.

The work is still in production with the structure being built by industrial designer Stuart McFarlane. Below are some concept sketches for the structure.​ The structure will be lit from underneath and external colour adapted for the exhibition space.
The subfloor design below has been added for outdoor presentation at MOFO, but is not necessary for indoor exhibitions.
This is an early rendering of the inside of the structure, however more speakers have since been added behind and below. There are also two subwoofers placed on the floor on either side of the chair.